Priyanka is about to appear as mother Anand Sheila

Priyanka Chopra is mother Anand Sheila on screen. Courtesy of Amazon Studios ‘Sheila’. Barry Levinson is in charge of the film. Priyanka is also in the role of a producer, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter.

In the film ‘Sheila’ directed by Levinson, Anand Sheila was the personal secretary of Osho, known as the spiritual guru. This film will be made on his life. Anand Sheela’s story first came on screen through Netflix’s documentary ‘Wild Wild Country’.

Anand Sheila served as the personal secretary to the spiritual master Rajinish alias Osho from 1 to 5. He was also in charge of the Rajneeshpuram Ashram. Rajneesh’s monastery was located in the US. However, it would not be wrong to say ‘Osho’, which means Rajneesh is not a spiritual guru, but a ‘sex guru’.

Once upon a time under the leadership of this rock, Rajneesh’s followers got involved in poisoning salad bars and restaurants in the US. Five people got sick. Sheila was found guilty of attacking bioterror in Oregon on the 4th.

That was one of the biggest attacks in US history. Sheila, who was found guilty of the incident, was jailed. Later, Rajneesh returned to the country after packing. However, after being released from jail, Shilai had leaked again. Priyanka Chopra will be seen in the role of that rock.

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