An alarming and mysterious virus is spreading from China to the world. Based on such a story, the Hollywood movie ‘Contagion’ was released in 28. The movie has not been successful, so to speak. However, in 2021, the content of the film became ‘superheat’. The story of the film, released in 28 and the reality of 2020, has shown incredible similarity. One such feature has been claimed in the BBC Bangla feature.

There, it was said that Coronavirus was predicted nine years ago in the movie ‘Congestion’. It was also said that the virus would spread from China. That is the reality. Corona has spread from one Chinese province to another worldwide epidemic. Although the film ‘Contagion’ was made with several stars, it was the 5th in the business that year. The star cast was Kate Winslet, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Judy Law, and Michael Douglas. After nine years, the ‘Contagion’ has come back to surprise everyone.

The film has made the list of most downloaded pictures in the US Apple iTunes Store. At the same time, the trend of finding the name of the film is increasing at the top of the Google search list. Warner Brothers have produced the film ‘Contestion’. They said that when the first Coronavirus outbreak occurred in China, it was ranked 20th in the list of popular movies in the world. But three months later, the picture has taken the ninth spot. In front of him are only eight Harry Potter series films.

The only cause is a coronavirus. The current outbreak of coronavirus has many similarities with the story of the film, which was made almost a decade ago. The BBC virus has been featured in the film, starring ‘Titanic’ actress Kate Winslet. He was infected with the virus during a visit to China. But until that time, no warnings about the virus were issued. Later on, it looks awful. Viewers of Contagion say that the current real-life virus transmission, as it began in China, has grown in popularity due to the similarity of the film’s story.

That interest has grown even more because of an Instagram post by Gwyneth Paltrow. He posted the picture on February 23 while boarding the Atlantic Ocean while wearing a mask on his face. There he wrote, ‘I am in this movie. Be safe Don’t cry. Wash your hands regularly. ‘ In the film, the protagonist, Paltrow, is infected with a virus called MEV-One, with a Hong Kong baboon who was killed for killing a pig.

The pig was infected with the virus through a badger. Then he returned to the country seriously ill and died shortly afterward. Then his son died of the same disease. But in the case of her husband, Matt Damon, the virus could not be attacked. In fact, health experts speculate that the Covid-1 virus is transmitted from animal to human body in Wuhan, China, last December. It is also believed that the coronavirus spread through Badoo, as it did in the case of the Sarse pandemic in 202-23. From a badge, it comes into another human being. It is not yet confirmed whether the coronavirus came from another animal. However, Chinese authorities have identified a livestock market in Wuhan as the epicenter of the virus. Just as the Covid-1 virus is transmitted, the film’s imagined virus spreads through touching each other.

However, the real virus is less deadly than the movie’s imagined virus. The death toll is 25% in the film, but as a World Health Organization, the mortality rate for coronavirus is 5%. Within a month of the contagion movie, the MEV-WAN has killed 20 million people in the world. However, since the outbreak of coronavirus three months ago in China, the death toll has not reached four thousand so far. Fear of a film screenwriter Contzion’s return comes as a surprise to screenwriter Scott Yee Burns. In an interview with Fortune Magazine, he said, “The main idea behind the film Kontezion was to show how critical modern society is for such outbreaks. How much preparation we have. ”In reality, that question is still being raised. Burns added, “The similarities between Contagion and Coronavirus appear to be coincidental, which is not really important.

What is important is the result of what is happening in society, how fear is spreading, what is happening as a result. ‘ In that film, the actor, who plays Judy Law, has been spreading rumors about the virus and campaigning for a fake drug. In fact, there is a similarity with him. Online retailer Amazon recently announced that they had stopped selling more than a million products, as vendors of these products claimed that they helped fill Quid-1. Well-known American television star Jim Bakke has been in trouble with New York authorities since he said a week ago in a tonic campaign that it helped cure the virus.

The current outbreak also sparked rumors that the virus was actually created as a chemical weapon. Even the screenwriter Burns has been charged with conspiracy. In an interview with the New York Times, he said that some people came to him via social media alleging that he was a member of a secret agency that controls the world’s affairs. Since there is no definitive information about the virus, it is a matter of concern that, misinformation is spreading all around. Which is just as dangerous as a virus.

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